Do you deliver?

We offer islandwide same-day delivery on all orders before 5PM. Orders over $60 are free, otherwise delivery is $10. All orders will be delivered ASAP and usually within 3-4 hours. Orders after 5pm will be delivered the next day. If you need advanced dates please email [email protected]

Are you local?

We are born and brewed in Singapore. Our brewery is based in Tuas, and we deliver fresh brews straight from there. We are your local!

Do the beers need to be chilled?

At Trouble our beers are unpasteurised, so they do need to be kept chilled. We don't put any preservatives or any ingredients you can't pronounce in our brews, so they'll be kept fresh in the fridge! And yes, our beers are delivered chilled!

Do you guys do events?

We absolutely do! We've sorted beer for just about every type of event around the island, from festivals to private office events to backyard barbecues. We have kegerators and jockey boxes for hire, as well as mobile bar set ups for the bigger days. Head to our events page for info and pricing!

How are the Trouble Kitchen meals delivered?

All meals in the Trouble Kitchen come straight from our amazing friends, who just happen to be the best of Singapore's cuisine. Meals are stored and delivered frozen, and we offer same-day delivery until 5PM (otherwise they will be delivered the following day). Delish!

Do you recycle the bottles?

Recycling and minimising our waste is super important to us at Trouble. Currently, our capacity does not enable us to acquire the machinery and manpower needed to collect and properly clean the used bottles. When we are able, it's our first priority! Until then, we recommend recycling at home or finding alternative uses for the bottles where you can!

Can I pick and choose what beers go into the mixed case?

Our mixed cases are the best way to try a few different brews from our range. Because getting beer to you quickly is our top priority, we need to keep processes at the brewery smooth and streamlined. This means we can't offer customisation on the mixed cases yet! However we do switch the offerings in the mixed cases often, so keep checking back!

Do you refund products?

Because of the nature of a consumable product, we cannot offer refunds or returns. However, if the beer is not up to scratch, we will do our best to make that up to you! In that instance, our refunds will come in the form of store credit. 

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