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Personalised brewing for businesses and events, both big and small

Trouble Brewing

Who we are

We’re a Singapore-based company that specialises in creating high quality beer that’s personalised for businesses and events, big and small.

Our mission is to help brands promote themselves over great tasting beer – because we reckon the only thing better than doing business over a beer, is when it’s your own branded beer. From the look of the bottle right down to the recipe and flavours, we can help you create the perfect brew for your brand.

Find out more about how we can brew some trouble for your business below...

Our products

What we provide

Whether it’s providing a portable bar and kegs for your office, or producing cases of branded beer bottles for a memorable event, we’ve got you covered.

Our wide range of beers and flavours ensure we’ve got something for everyone. And because we brew right here in Singapore, we’re able to get it to you quickly.

Subscription pricing

If you’ve got a business with ongoing beer needs (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?) we can help keep you hoppy... err, happy.

Our subscription service provides regular batches of beer direct to your door. There are two ways to use this service. We can provide you with a state-of-the-art portable bar unit fully branded with your logo to feature in your office. Our team will come in and set it up for you – no messy wires, no installation – leaving you with a great looking bar unit to wow your staff and visitors.

Or, if you would like branded bottles to serve your staff and clients, we can do that too.

Use our calculator to find out just how easy and affordable having your own branded beer can be.

Pricing calculator

Pick one option

How many kegs do you need per month? (1 keg is around 55 bottles’ worth)


* All prices are excluding GST.

** Note that this does not include a one-off installation fee of $200. You can also order extra cases of 24 bottles at $110 per case.

One-off pricing

Got a big occasion coming up? We’ll hand-deliver your bottled beers branded with your company’s logo so you can be the toast of the town.

For larger events, we can provide a bar unit and kegs to keep the beer flowing. If you fancy, we can even have one of our top Trouble blokes to do the pouring.

Use our calculator to find out just how easy and affordable having your own branded beer can be.


Pick one option

Number of cases1 to 34 to 1112 to 2021 to 4142+
Cost (per case of 24)$199$125$113$107$100

* All prices are excluding GST.

Contact Us

We are a pretty easy going bunch and are happy to help customise the right solution for you. This could be anything from providing staff to pour the drink, working with select artists for label creation, through to hosting master brewing tasting sessions. Just drop us a line and we can help you out.