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ZEEL SUPERTEA is made with the highest quality New Zealand-grown organic tea, blended with superfood botanicals that have been carefully selected to have a positive impact on a person's state of being.

A refreshingly tropical flavour of juicy mango, orange peel and fresh green tea.
This Supertea contains botanical ingredients such as butterfly pea flower, cacao husk, St. John’s wort and rhodiola, all of which have been carefully selected for their taste and well-known positive mood boosting properties.

Low in calories, cane sugar-free and non-alcoholic, Elevate’s uplifting blend is the perfect alternative to your usual alcoholic beverage at your next social function.
 Once opened, consume immediately (with joy!)

 Highly recommended as a cocktail mixer! Add it to 45 ml of your favourite spirit over big block ice in a tall glass and zest with lime peel for an instant hard tea highball.

1 case of Zeel Supertea has 24 cans.

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