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Mezcal Machetazo: Guerrero 45

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Mezcal Machetazo Agave Cupreata 45% is the original and complex Machetazo variety found only on the mountain slopes of the Rio Balsas basin in the southern Mexican states of Guerrero. The high mountain slopes where this agave grows wild, is ideal for absorbing minerals giving way to a sweeter flavour unique to the cupreata agave, known locally as Maguey Papalote. The age of maturity for Cupreata Agaves varies, but generally occurs at any time from 7-15 years to ensure the ideal concentration of natural sugars and minerals in the heart of the agave, or piña.

Tasting notes: Subtle hints of smoke and citric aroma, silky texture with herb and sweet citrus flavours from the agave with a subtle aftertaste of dark chocolate. 

750mL. ABV: 45%. 90 Proof. 

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